It is a hallmark of Suzuki Method that teachers continue to study the best way to teach children by attending workshops and other educational events.  As in many cities around the world, a group of Louisville Suzuki Piano teachers meet for “Teacher Research” meetings throughout the year.  The group is instrumental in making this Institute a success and the five-day event is one of our most valuable opportunities for growth throughout the year.  We hope many teachers will join us!

Teachers are highly encouraged to attend the Institute with their students so that they can observe masterclasses and help apply the advice and practice techniques after the Institute.  Though not strictly required, this teacher involvement greatly improves the students’ prospects for continued growth and development.

Teacher Lessons

Included in the full week Teacher Tuition is a lesson at one of the daily teacher sessions with Rae Kate Shen, SAA teacher trainer.  The sessions take place at 4:15 p.m. in Comstock Hall and teachers observe each other.  The rest of the day, teachers are free to watch whichever piano masterclasses and enrichment classes most interest them.

University of Louisville Suzuki Piano Institute

Lunch Plan and T-Shirts

Teachers have the option to purchase a lunch plan for the five days.  You will be given a choice of lunches from providers such as Panera Bread Company and the lunches will be delivered to the School of Music each day. 

Teachers who enroll by June 10th will receive a 2017 Institute t-shirt and have their name listed on the back of the shirt.  Wear your shirt for the group photo on Friday at noon!


Home teachers will set their own students’ bench and footrest for the Institute recital.  You will also be responsible to assist them at a recital rehearsal.  Teachers who are not able to be here are encouraged to make arrangements with another teacher to assume this role for them.  If not, a teacher will be assigned to the student.

Teacher Curriculum